New Visual Identity


New Visual Identity

Agrisolutions is the joining of customer-oriented companies that only believe in high quality products and excellence in all actions. The global locations have led to a privileged position in the market, being the only worldwide operating companyof wearable parts.

Agrisolutions operates in the market with four proprietary brands and the images of all four logos have been renewed to handle the oncoming challenges.

Ingersoll is the innovation-oriented company with a strong commitment for high quality and unique designed products.

Bellota is the worldwide-recognized brand for its high quality. The wide range of products for tillage and seeding has led to a strong position in the market, both with the farm equipment manufacturers and in the after –market.

Solbjerg is a Danish brand specialized in tailor made S tines, recognized in the market by its quality and service. Honesty and seriousness are the core values of this reputed brand.

Rozalma is a Spanish oriented brand specialized in flexible tines and springs. For years, Rozalma has been very customer-oriented adapting to their needs and nowadays is a reliable partner for the main farm equipment manufacturers in Spain.

The new logos clearly represent the values of the companies and the aim to become a world class global manufacturing platform focused on delivering sustainable value for customers, employees and shareholders.