Agrisolutions Acquires Chicago Fastener Manufacturing


Agrisolutions Acquires Chicago Fastener Manufacturing

Agrisolutions, the global leader in wear parts, components and accessories, has acquired Chicago Fastener Manufacturing in University Park, Illinois. The acquisition closed on Thursday, February 3rd.

Chicago Fastener Manufacturing (CFM) is a U.S. manufacturer of cold headed metal fasteners for on and off-highway applications. Product families include structural bolts, hex heads, carriage bolts, square head machine bolts, wheel bolts, plow bolts, as well as various per-print specials. CFM products are a part of applications in agriculture planting, harvesting, and soil management as well as construction, mining, and railroad equipment. Materials include medium carbon, boron and alloy steels.

“We are excited to welcome Chicago Fastener Manufacturing into the Agrisolutions family. CFM’s capabilities and talented group of employees will add manufacturing capacity to help us better serve our customers in the U.S.” said Global President, Blair Cook.

Agrisolutions is a leading global manufacturer of wear parts, components, accessories. Agrisolutions global brands include Bellota, Ingersoll Tillage, Trinity Logistics Corp, Lundtek, Andersen Steel, Carl Sülberg and USM Manufacturing.