Agrisolutions Acquires U.S. Manufacturing (USM)


Agrisolutions, the leading wearable components and accessories

Agrisolutions Acquires U.S. Manufacturing (USM)

Agrisolutions, the leading wearable components and accessories group that services the global agricultural marketplace with its five brands, announced today the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire U.S. Manufacturing (USM).  USM is a manufacturer of Tungsten Carbide weld applied to Agricultural tillage products like sweeps, rippers, and tines; Industrial replaceable tips for industrial tub and horizontal grinders; Environmental products for abrasion-resistant coatings and tungsten carbide coatings to   processing products such as grinders and wood chippers.  The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.


Headquartered in Eldora, Iowa – USM is widely recognized as the leading manufacturer of long-lasting hammer mill components available to both OEM’s and the after-market.



“USM holds seven active patents related to coatings and wear-life improvement for industrial, environmental, and agricultural products and processes. This new technology will increase our product offering to the leading OE’s demanding long-life sweeps & tillage products” said Tom Welke, President of Agrisolutions. “We’re very excited to partner with the USM team to grow the company’s offering to our clients.”


Loran Balvanz, President and CEO of USM added, “Our technology and experience with welded tungsten carbide sweeps will be a great opportunity for Agrisolutions to expand the product offering. My team and I are enthusiastic to work together with Agrisolutions in growing the product offering and assisting in all technical issues to the main OEMs”.