Agrisolutions acquires Carl Sülberg GmbH (Sülberg)


Carl Sülberg is a German manufacturer of forged guards.

Agrisolutions acquires Carl Sülberg GmbH (Sülberg) Agrisolutions group is pleased to announce the acquisition of the company Carl Sülberg GmbH, headquartered in Germany and specialized in the manufacturing of forged guards for harvesters. Founded in 1870, Sülberg has a wide worldwide recognition in the sector among the main OEMs and in the distribution. This is due to the high quality of the products, on-time delivery and continual development of new solutions in the harvesting sector.

With this new acquisition, Agrisolutions group will be the benchmark company in the manufacturing of agricultural spare parts, not only for tillage and seeding and planting, but now also for harvesting. “This new company will for sure increase our product offering to the leading OE’s demanding a global range of products” said Tom Welke, President of Agrisolutions.

Ioannis Trikaliotis, President and CEO of Sülberg added, “Our heritage and experience with consumable components in the cutting and harvesting of crops will be a great opportunity for Agrisolutions to expand our product offering. My team and I are enthusiastic to work together with Agrisolutions in growing the product offering and assisting in all technical issues to the main OEMs”.

Agrisolutions is the global market leader in the manufacturing of Agricultural consumable wear components (including discs, coulters, sweeps, openers, tines, springs and blades) that are embedded into soil preparation and planting/seeding implements for all types of farming operations including conservation, minimum tillage and no till operations along with all types of hardware solutions. Including logistic management solutions for today’s modern factories. Now, with the addition of USM to the family of companies a new long-life solution will be added to the product offering. Agrisolutions products are high precision wear components, selling under widely recognized brands including Bellota, Ingersoll, Rozalma, Solbjerg and Trinity as well as the brands of its OEM customers for both new equipment and the aftermarket products.

Agrisolutions is part of the Venanpri group and services the global agricultural marketplace now with 6 brands: Bellota, Ingersoll, Solberg, Sulberg, Rozalma y Trinity.